A simple way to monitor the uptime of a Tor relay or Onion Service.

At Ablative Hosting we offer single-hop and multi-hop Tor Hidden Service webhosting whilst Brass Horn Communications runs UK Tor Exit Relays.

We realised that there aren't many monitoring services available for Tor websites and Relays so we made our own.

If your relay or Onion goes offline we'll send you an (optionally GPG encrypted) email to let you know.

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Key Facts

For more detailed information visit the about page.

Encryption Support

You can choose to have all your notifications encrypted by adding your GPG public key.

Free For Everyone

We needed something to help us monitor customer websites - the overheads are so low we're letting everyone make use of it.

Data Privacy

We will never share your email address with any 3rd party.


OnionWatch is BSD licensed so feel free to poke around or contribute improvements.

Deleted means deleted

When you delete a monitor it gets deleted from the DB and ages out of the backups within 7 days.

Powered by Brass Horn Communications

A non-profit ISP dedicated to fighting Internet Surveillance and Censorship.

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How It Works

OnionWatch.email relies on the Onionoo interface and a local Tor relay.

Local Database Query

Every 5-30 minutes we fetch a list of relay fingerprints and .onion services to check

Query Onionoo

We fetch the current status of the relay and check it against our local cache.

Send out Emails

If the relay state differs from what we saw last time we send out (GPG encrypted) alerts to the subscribed emails.

Create an OnionWatch Monitor

Choose to monitor a Relay or a .onion, add your email address, an optional GPG key and click the create button. We'll send a verification email with a link to confirm.

Monitor a Relay

Monitor a .Onion Service