About OnionWatch.Email

Will you be offering t-shirts?

Unfortunately this isn't quite a replacement for Tor Weather (yet) so whilst we'd love to offer t-shirts it's not something we can do right now.

How do I unsubscribe?

Navigate to /unsubscribe/ and enter your email address. You will be sent an email with a series of links for each of the relays or hidden services you are monitoring.

Email addresses maintain a 1:1 relationship with a monitor so deleting a monitor will delete the associated email address. Once all monitors are deleted there will be no record of your email address.

Backups are purged within 7 days.

Why is this free?

Both Brass Horn Communications and Ablative Hosting needed a service to monitor relays, bridges and hidden services. The overheads between checking a few hundred and a few thousand is minimal so we've opened it up for everyone.

Is it open source?

Yes! Checkout the repository on Gitlab, it is licensed under the 2-clause BSD license.